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General Manager

Business Operations | Dallas, TX | Full Time

Job Description



General Manager needed in a professional and exciting beauty and wellness business. Our ideal candidates have previous sales experience, interest in helping others feel and look their best while benefiting from rewarding performance-based commissions and bonuses.


Required Skills & Experience:


  • Previous retail and/or beauty and wellness experience preferred
  • Great customer service skills 
  • Internal and external sales marketing experience is a plus 
  • Ability to work in a high energy environment & possess a strong work ethic
  • Be a career-oriented individual searching for rapid growth 



  • Complete a minimum schedule of 40 hours per week which must be accounted for via a timecard or tracking system.  
  • Arrive on 15 minutes before all scheduled work shifts and/or training sessions.  
  • Facilitate all weekly and/or monthly staff meetings & training sessions.  
  • Maintain company’s customer service standards at all times and monitor results using customer satisfaction surveys to acquire direct feedback to make enhancements.  Submit completed forms to the Customer Relations Representative at the corporate office monthly.
  • Maintain accurate member and employee records by following suggested filing guidelines.  Routine updating and maintenance is suggested.    


Employee Management Responsibilities: 

  • Actively recruit & interview for employees and other necessary positions per owner criteria.  Schedule a minimum of 1 group interview per month and allocate consistent weekly interviews in schedule.
  • Adhere to strict hiring processes set forth by owner including but not limited to requiring resume submission, providing pre employment package to prospective employees, executing group, initial and 2nd interviews, administering projects as part of interview process.  
  • Train all employees with the assistance of Assistant Manager according to company’s training material and programs.  Ensure all employees are fulfilling required training and certifications as outlined in their job descriptions and as required by the company’s for their respective positions.  
  • Track all new and existing employees’s training to ensure all are up to date with company’s online courses, webinars and other training applications.  
  • Create and maintain monthly Schedule at least one week prior to the beginning of each month to include all training objectives, staff meetings, marketing and promotion initiatives as well as maintenance events.
  • Set, communicate and monitor individual sales goals for all employees on a monthly, weekly and daily basis using measurements tools provided by company.  Communicate results and action plans to owner as requested.  
  • Hold all employees accountable for executing prospecting responsibilities and not negotiable Quadrant Marketing.  Monitor efforts documented in prospecting binder and from traffic counts.  
  • Monitor the closing percentage and percent to goal of all employees and discuss action plans to continuously improve performance using Individual Development Plans at least once per month.
  • Provide creative ideas to keep the employees motivated and focused on meeting and exceeding goals.  All incentives and pay increases must be discussed with and approved by the owner before communicating with employees.  
  • Develop agendas for all employee meetings and trainings.  
  • Complete a Performance Evaluation on all employees after the first 30 and/or 90 days of employment.  Quarterly or annual evaluations after 90 days of employment.  
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with owner & management team prior to weekly staff meeting to collaborate on agendas and discussion topics.  
  • Submit payroll bi-monthly to owner for approval.  Once approved, report payroll information to payroll processor.

Register Functions & Membership Billing Responsibilities:

  • Ensure all employees are practicing proper data entry for all guests, members and clients at all times.  
  • Confirm all daily revenue (including cash, checks and credit cards) is accounted for at all times to prevent theft.   
  • Perform daily bank deposit processes once all revenue is properly accounted for.  Report any and all shortages or overages to owner.
  • Perform monthly billing duties, by the 1st of each month with the assistance of the Assistant Manager.  These duties include but are not limited to processing credit card and check drafts, cancellation and freeze requests, following up on billing inquires, delinquent accounts, etc.  
  • Exercise proper collections methods including calling delinquent members, mailing and/or emailing notices and using register functions to track efforts and to notate delinquent accounts.
  • Maintain accurate collections documentation/records and communicate outstanding payments to owner.  
  • Ensure that all monies/fees owed on NSF checks written in the business are collected in a timely manner using proper collections procedures and notify owner of all occurrences.  
  • Abide by all budget guidelines for business expenses as per owner’s criteria.
  • Review override reports to ensure all employees are exercising proper caution when servicing members and selling products.


Sales Management Responsibilities & Minimum Performance Expectations: 

  • Ensure that minimum requirements for prospecting are met monthly.  
  • Ensure Daily Duties Checklist is completed daily.   
  • Submit required close of business reports to owner nightly.  
  • Review employee Prospecting/Client binders weekly to ensure proper use of prospecting duties.  Including new member follow up, new guest tracking, etc.  
  • Utilize all company marketing tools simultaneously and consistently to maximize traffic.  
  • Ensure the prospecting tasks are being accomplished by entire staff.
  • Submit the Daily Production Report and any other reports requested at the close of business on the last day of each month to your corporate representative.  

Compensation: $30,000 Annual Pay + Commission & Bonuses