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Messaging Engineer

San Francisco, CA | Engineering

Job Description

Urban Airship offers Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) solutions that enable brands and marketers to earn and maintain a presence on their customers’ mobile devices in order to build brand awareness, engage users, drive conversions and increase customer loyalty. Its cross-platform solutions manage the end-to-end process of delivery customer- and location-targeted mobile push messages and Apple Passbook passes including consulting services and analytics to optimize effectiveness.

Network programming. Horizontally scalable distributed systems. High throughput, low latency. Highly available discoverable services. Fault-tolerant. Software is easy - it's engineering that's the hard part. You realize that "cheap, fast, or good: pick two" is part of the daily decision-making process for a good engineer and you're comfortable - no, happy! - working in whatever part of the spectrum the answer to that question requires.

You know that at scale there's no such thing as a rare edge case. Some of your best friends work in ops, and you feel their pain. One of your first questions is "where are the graphs?". Future-you is grateful to present-you for the tests you're writing. Synchronous? You can't be serious! You want to work on the systems that are at the core of what Urban Airship does - Messaging - while making them better and having fun doing it.

  • Distributed systems design and architecture experience
  • Comfortable working in a fast pace, continuous delivery environment
  • Solid understanding of network programming in either Java or C++
  • Expertise in troubleshooting and tuning java performance
  • It's a UNIX system... I know this!
  • Experience with Netty, Cassandra, HBase a plus
  • Experience with Python/Django a plus
Technologies we use:
  • Java/Netty/Jetty/Guava
  • Python/Django
  • HBase
  • Cassandra
  • Kafka
  • Beanstalk
  • Zookeeper
  • Memcache
  • Redis
  • Postgres
Position Filled
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