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Blogging/Internet Marketing Intern (paid)

Marketing | Culver City, CA | Internship

Job Description

SUPERSTARS ONLY: Life-Changing Blogging and Internet Marketing Internship for Aspiring Journalists, Bloggers, and Marketers. Learn how to monetize your writing online.


Dear Future Writer, Internet Marketer, and Blogger,

This internship will be worth millions of dollars to you (seriously). We guarantee it.

The value of this internship is not in the money you'll be paid (you'll earn a performance bonus of $2000 upon successful completion), but rather, in the top-notch education you'll be receiving. . . and the APPLICATION of that education to produce real-world business results on the internet.

There is absolutely nothing more essential than copywriting & direct response marketing online when it comes to making money, and lots of it, in today's world.

Learn directly from the experts on our Executive Team:

1) Accomplished writers, internet marketing, and social media gurus

2) One of Business Week's Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs

3) MBA graduates from Top MBA schools

4) People who know the ins and outs of making money, building a brand, and gaining thousands of customers online.

The educational curriculum that we're going to provide you costs in excess of $25K by itself! That's money that we spent on it, and it was worth every penny.

You get it for free.

Don't forget that the ACTION of applying of this material to real-world business scenarios more than QUADRUPLES the value of this training.

By the end of this 10-week internship, you'll fully prepare yourself to be a successful internet marketer who uses phenomenal writing as a wealth-creating asset. It doesn't matter what your passion is -- writing well combined with basic internet marketing strategies are essential to ANY kind of business. Trust us -- we've run healthy food distribution, self-help, ecommerce, and consumer product companies. Don't let other people determine your success. There is no such thing as "job security" anymore.

Become an expert in making money through the "power of your pen" and leveraging the internet, and you'll work less than your friends, have more fun, and maintain all the freedom you desire.

To learn more about the top content-writing-meets-internet-marketing internship opportunity of 2015, read on. . .

When you step foot into HUMAN's offices -- ranked by Forbes as one of the coolest in America -- you'll feel and see an energy that is a unique blend of creative, fun and hard-charging (you might also see some dogs, scooters and people dressed up as super heroes). From the 30 ft. vaulted ceilings to the 20 ft. wide waterfall feature to the iced coffee kegerator to, of course, the HUMAN Healthy Market that is stocked with the best-tasting, trendiest and most nutritious snacks, meals and drinks around-the-clock; our workspace atmosphere makes it clear that we care about employee engagement, growth and experience as much as we do performance and productivity.

The atmosphere here is intensely productive and growth-oriented while also being "fun and unreasonable" (heck, that's our 4th core value!)

Here's a quick office tour video if you want to see our office:


The 10-week internship is evenly divided between content writing, internet marketing training, content marketing strategies, and the application of this training to generate real leads and revenue online.

You'll be working with a small team of high-caliber internet marketing/content marketing interns and learning about the following areas:

1) Internet Marketing 101 including keyword research, traffic generation, conversion, calls to action, automated follow-up, and the most important basics you need to know to be successful on the internet

2) Copywriting 101 -- the most highly paid skill in marketing. This is not some lame English 101 class. This is real-deal, cut your teeth on the streets, training using copywriting that has proven to bring in millions of dollars online.

3) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 101 and why it's important

4) How to Write Headlines That Pull Like Crazy

5) How to use social media marketing to build a brand, drive traffic, and make money

6) Comprehensive social media strategies that fully leverage:

a. Facebook

b. Twitter

c. LinkedIn

d. Blogs

e. Content sharing sites

7) The formula for creating content that actually gets shared online

8) How to get your articles to rank on the first page of Google's search engine results

9) How to leverage other people's networks to build up your own massive following online

10) How to secure guest post opportunities on other people's blogs/websites to spread your name or brand

11) Much more. Way too much to list here!


This is a combination of "in the office" and "work from home" internship. You'll be required to meet with the intern team once every week for an hour or two, either by phone or in person. Most days, you'll spend 1-2 hours watching or reading the lesson of the day (see "Curriculum" above) and then 1-2 hours on an assignment related to the day's lesson in which you APPLY what you learned to a real-life business scenario. This is a part-time internship (4 hours per day, 5 days/week) unless you want to work more. If you have more time, we'll give you more valuable internet marketing content to learn. You can choose any time throughout the day to complete your lesson and assignment, however you must be available for one 15-minute daily team call.


- Writing blog posts and content-rich articles for highly trafficked content sharing sites

- Updating facebook, twitter and other social networking sites with valuable content

- Honing your copywriting skills by writing high-impact, kick-ass headlines

- Understanding how to track, report and analyze every marketing campaign

- Developing lead generation sales systems from start to finish so you know how to generate leads and sales for whatever business you end up pursuing.


- ***You must love to write and write well. This is our #1 requirement.- Beginner or intermediate internet marketer who is looking to drastically increase his/her internet marketing and writing skillset

- Journalism/English/Communications majors are a plus, but not required

- Blogging experience is a plus including any experience on Wordpress

- High-performer in other aspects of his/her life

- A go-getter and someone who "gets it done" regardless of the obstacles

- Extremely positive and "can-do" attitude


- Not a Super Star

- Doesn't enjoy handling a wide variety of tasks

- Prefers not to work with a young/innovative/entrepreneurial company

- Uncomfortable doing new things

- Doesn't enjoy writing or is not a good writer

- Finds excuses to NOT do things vs. finding reasons TO do things


Monday, June 1st, 2015


Friday, August 14th, 2015


Performance bonus of $2000 will be paid upon successful completion of internship.


Top performers in the internship program may be asked to join our team for full-time or part-time employment. This offer is contingent on how well you perform, how well you work with our team, how good of an attitude you have, and your ability to apply what you learn from the training into real-world business results.


1) Reply to this post and attach a resume and cover letter. Please, no calls. We will reach-out to you if you're the superstar we're seeking. Your cover letter should explain why you like this internship and why you'd be amazing in this role.

About H.U.M.A.N. (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition):

HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition) is a one-of-a-kind healthy food distribution platform that deploys healthy vending machines, healthy self-checkout markets, and healthy snack delivery services to bring convenient, healthier, and better-for-you foods and drinks to people across the nation.

Founded in 2008 by Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen, HUMAN gives 10% of corporate profits to charities that improve child nutrition. It has over 170 franchisees and 2000 machines/markets in schools, hospitals, gyms, offices, and other locations across the United States.

HUMAN's slogan is "Easy Nutrition Everywhere" and its overarching vision is to make healthy food more convenient than junk food.