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Retention and Monetization Designer

Design | Los Angeles, CA | Full Time

Job Description

Seismic Games is seeking a Retention and Monetization Designer with experience in Games As A Service, player Retention, and Monetization. The ideal candidate will drive the delivery of game value to the customer, in a way that encourages the players to keep coming back and engage with the core game loop. Your primary focus will be to employ best practices and principles of economics, sociology, and business intelligence to strategically create and maintain a healthy free-to-play mobile game economy. The game economy will be tightly integrated with systems for player collections, character progression, reward structures, and overall gameplay balance.


  • Work with game teams to design, optimize and implement key game features that further the overall strategic vision of the product maximizing retention, acquisition and monetization

  • Be point of contact and resident expert in the game economy, including the economy engine, daily features, and pricing

  • Define and tune the economy, including purchase behavior drivers, purchase packages, pricing, virtual products, special events, etc., to improve on KPIs such as engagement time, retention, LTV, etc.

  • Create, model and tune complex game economy systems with multiple currencies, progression systems, sinks, faucets and monetization points

  • Create metrics to track revenue from a specific gamer, group, or demographic so that we can adjust the system accordingly

  • Collect and analyze economy, engagement, and monetization data; report on performance, suggest and implement optimizations

  • Work closely with the Design Team and Product Managers to adjust the economy in support of new features, events, tests, segments, pricing, etc. throughout the product life-cycle

  • Benchmark and analyze strategies of competitive games


Basic job requirements:

  • A passion for video games; an avid gamer with a solid understanding of mobile games and other genres

  • 3+ years designing digital games

  • 1+ years optimizing live games

  • Shipped at least one high performing digital free to play game

  • Deep understanding of game balance and pacing in a free-to-play economic model.

  • Expertise with spreadsheets and in manipulating, summarizing, and analyzing large data sets

  • Adept in analytical thinking; able to break problems down and identify key relationships and levers that influence the outputs

  • Able to model problems into quantitative systems, anticipate downstream effects, and draw actionable conclusions

  • Excellent communication/presentation skills - ability to work closely with departmental leads, stakeholders, and junior staff

  • Statistic knowledge, able to formulate ratios and indexes specific to each game, identifying specific weaknesses and strengths in its economy design


The ideal candidate also optionally understands or is familiar with:

  • R, SPSS, SAS or other statistical analysis software competency

  • Programming experience (Python, C#, VBA, or others)

  • Experienced with various testing methods such as multivariate, A/B, statistical hypothesis and play testing; experienced with cluster analysis, regressions, distribution modeling, sensitivity analysis

  • Understanding of game feature and systems design and how to build needs and emotions in the context of a game

  • Knowledge of microeconomics and pricing theory, especially in the mobile gaming industry

  • Experience with Game development and Business Intelligence software, such as: Unity, Snowflake, Perforce, Jenkins, and JIRA

  • Strong marketing knowledge, able to formulate adequate selling strategies to improve the financial performance

  • Understanding of client/server architecture and data collecting pipeline and mining

Work experience requirements:

  • 3+ years designing digital games

  • 1+ years optimizing live games

  • Shipped at least one high performing digital free to play game


Education requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Marketing, Business, or Social Science

About us:

Seismic Games’ Art department is a small, focused group of game development professionals. Our intent is to continually strengthen our best-of-class team to tackle a wide array of challenges. Our creative department and executive management have extensive and significant experience delivering well-reviewed AAA+ titles across all platforms.