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Product Marketing Executive

Marketing / PR | London, London, United Kingdom

Job Description

About Us is not for everyone. If you want a comfortable job where you’re told exactly what to do, where there’s little or no change, no confrontation, where you don’t have responsibility or ownership then read no further.

We are a fast-growing global-play VC-backed business whose aim is to disrupt the Jobs market. Our model allows the masses to find and outsource work remotely easier, faster and better than ever before. More importantly, what we do has impact in the world: it changes things.  And that’s what gets us out of bed each day. We serve a purpose higher than our own.

What we do makes work easy, fun and enjoyable and done faster and simpler than ever before. We have a online community of Buyers & Sellers of any service imaginable to you, whom we bring together in an environment where they can transact across boundaries with trust.

Our values

At PPH we are fanatical about our values and we put them first and foremost above all else.
We have come from humble beginnings and realise that, what got us this far is hard work, determination and strict adherence to our core values which we look for in anyone we hire.

Here’s the things that characterise our culture and how we do things at PPH:

  • Passion & energy: going above and beyond what others expect of us. We have fun and we’re all quirky and wacky in our own individual ways, which we encourage. But we share a common passion and sense of purpose. Without that we are lost.
  • Taking ownership: we hate people who pass the buck or ‘inbox groomers’. If its not in my inbox it’s not my job. We only work with people who make it their job and relentlessly push through to completion.
  • Being different: always questioning the status quo and pushing for radical change. Looking at what’s out there but always striving to do better and be different. We love creativity and believe there are no such thing as bad ideas; only poorly executed ones.
  • Bonding: with the team like a family we’re open and sometimes brutally frank communication. We have a strict ‘no walking on eggshells’ policy. We just come out with it. We are a startup and we expect people to be able to take a punch on the chin.
  • Sense of urgency: pushing for things to get done and learning to do more with less. Getting resourceful and knowing when to seek help. Being a leader not a hero.
  • Daily amnesia: we’ve learnt to walk in every day and forget the past. We bear no emotion or sentiment for past work. We kill projects when it’s clear they will never work and we reprioritise daily. That way we keep ahead of the game. We don’t live in the past.
  • Leadership: always thinking ahead and putting others first. We live and breathe the motto: managers do things right, leaders do the right thing. Managers operate a high efficiency / low impact machine. We pursue high impact even at the expect of some chaos.  
  •  Constant learning: through questioning everything…why is this happening? Constant digging deeper and deeper to derive insight and learning across the organisation.
  •  Punching above weight: aiming really high. Taking on mammoth tasks that are seemingly impossible and pursuing them relentlessly to completion. No place for mediocracy.
  • Constant step up: there’s no room for complacency. And never give up. What builds start-ups are fighters not politicians. We are aggressive, a little rough around the edges but we will change the world. You either fit in or you don’t. We don’t take prisoners.

The role

The Product Marketing role is a key position that will work with the Product Management team, the Community management team and the leadership of the company to define and produce marketing collateral and positioning - both online and offline.

Your key areas of responsibility will include:

  • Developing all the wording on the product and being the go-to person for the Product team for wording on the website site.
  • Ownership & management of newsletters and eShots that go out to our user base.
  • Curating daily and weekly deals / picks and sending them out to our user base.
  • Writing and project managing the production of all marketing collateral for print and online.  
  • Constructing and project managing marketing campaigns around key events, exhibitions and other initiatives the company participates in.
  • Organising events and meetup.
  • Authoring content for the blog and Editing content written by guest bloggers and other contributors.


  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Creative and imaginative marketer with a good nose for what will sell.
  • Excellent project management skills and ability to push things through to get them done.  
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A self-starter and self-motivated. Can work equally well in a team but can push themselves. forward on their own with little guidance.
  • Tech and internet savvy; passionate about technology and the internet.
  • Excellent curation skills ; an eye for detail and strong commercial prow.

Background & qualifications

  • Product marketing or marketing role in an e-commerce company.
  • Startup experience a bonus.
  • Educated to degree level.