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Engineering | Berkeley, CA

Job Description



Since the earliest cave paintings, stories have been told visually. With the advent of tablets, there's an opportunity to bring visual storytelling to a new level and evolve a new grammar for words and pictures. Madefire is building the tools to allow artists and writers to tell their stories in ways never seen before. We're at the start of our journey, but we already have a potent set of ingredients. Our founding team is a mix of art, design and technology. We're funded by True Ventures, the inspired team behind behind Wordpress, and we're thrilled to be launching with a completely new storyworld from Dave Gibbons, co-creator of Watchmen, the best selling graphic novel of all time.

Madefire is based in Berkeley, and we're looking for the best design talent to work along side the founders and some of the world's best creators to make this the next chapter for storytelling.

We are looking for a brilliant designer to work closely with Founder Ben Wolstenholme ( on the iOS reader app and the web authoring tool to create exquisite, elegant, useable interfaces. A designer who is a system thinker, with strong skills in hierarchy of information, look-and-feel and UX. A designer who is thorough, diligent, who aspires to build beautiful systems and experiences. We don't expect the designer to write code, but we would like a designer who has fond memories of math class. We believe that there is purity and truth in design, just as there is in math.

Here are the technical characteristics of the person we're looking for:

  • Ideas driven
  • System thinker
  • Typography geek
  • Photoshop, InDesign and/or Illustrator wizard
  • Lots of interface design work (icon sets, etc)
  • Application interface design, not just web design
  • Mobile design experience
  • Experience with constrained environments (either low bandwidth or small number of pixels)
  • Expert-level UX knowledge
  • Excellent skills in photography and graphics / video production
  • MFA

Here are the temperamental characteristics of the person we're looking for:

  • Deep respect for coders, and experience working closely with coders
  • Love of the startup lifestyle
  • Think that it's way cooler to design the U/I for Android at Google than to produce an award-winning commercial at Saatchi
  • Active practitioner of the arts outside of work
  • Ability to GSD
  • Healthy balance of strong opinions while keeping dogma in check
  • Platform agnosticism (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Flash, HTML5; it's all good)
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Willingness to do it "ugly" whenever necessary
  • Obsession with doing it "right" whenever possible
  • Extreme tidiness (how do you organize your Photoshop layers?)
  • Ability to start
  • Ability to finish
  • Elevate co-workers (i.e. not a ball-hog)
  • Enjoy being in the office, but be able to be productive from home

We offer competitive salary & benefits. We already have a great work environment, and look forward to shaping it further as we bring in the members of the core team.

To be continued...