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Sr. Software Engineer (Platform)

Engineering | New York, NY | Full Time

Job Description

About Us:
ListenFirst Media is a well-funded NYC technology startup founded by multi-time successful entrepreneurs.

Our platform provides senior level Fortune-500 marketing executives with immediate access to a vast amount of relevant cross-channel metrics in a timely, intuitive, and digestible format, arming them with the deep insights necessary to efficiently optimize and understand the effectiveness of day-to-day marketing initiatives.  

We are currently in the process of building out our core team in NYC and are looking for smart, talented, ambitious, and creative people, interested in challenging problems at scale for the biggest marketers in the world.  


  • Develop and operate a SaaS solution, fully-hosted in the cloud, encapsulating a combination of complex near-real time and batch analytics, presented to end users in a visually pleasing and simple but immersive cross platform front end HTML5 application.
  • Participate in the full development lifecycle of our core platform services including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, release, maintenance, operations, and support
  • Design and develop software architectures involving highly interactive, event driven web applications built with modern day web technologies, interacting via Ajax and web sockets to a platform comprising of loosely coupled, message oriented, rest-ful services, written in various languages, backed by a variety of coordination, persistence, caching, and queueing technologies
  • Aggregate, analyze, and mine enormous amounts of continuous streams of metric/event data and associated metadata, from a variety of public and proprietary sources, utilizing real-time stream processing technologies, batch map/reduce analytics, and highly scalable NoSQL database technologies.  
  • Work directly under the leadership of the CTO and Chief Product Officer to help define, implement and deliver the product roadmap and realize the overall vision of the company.
  • Lead a team of developers (both internal and external), providing mentorship, architecture guidance, design reviews, and other engineering leadership
  • Design and develop loosely coupled, horizontally scalable, fault tolerant ReST-ful JSON services for both internal and external/public consumption
  • Help define, evolve, refine, and lead our agile, iterative, and incremental development processes
  • Develop and maintain unit, functional, integration, and behavioral tests, along with an automated continuous integration environment
  • Ensure a high degree of code quality by leading a process that emphasizes the importance of code comments, documentation, style guides, and peer reviews
  • Participate in other aspects of day-to-day business of a software product and service company, including business development, sales, marketing, and customer support


  • 5+ years professional experience designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining production large scale distributed systems, service oriented architectures, and full-stack web applications
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Fundamental understanding of software design, programming paradigms (including OO and FP), data structures, algorithms, and algorithm complexity
  • Expertise with relational algebra, transactional relational database management design, SQL, and object relational mapping toolkits
  • 3+ years production experience developing and supporting ReST-ful (and/or heavier SOAP/WS-X) Web Services
  • Knowledge of non-relational database technologies, NoSQL database design and concepts (including MongoDB, key/value stores, column-oriented databases, and the CAP theorem)
  • Expertise and experience with the design and rollout of large web scale system architectures.  
  • Second-nature comfort with the Unix/Linux systems, system administration and command line tools
  • Experience working collaboratively with local and remote development teams (including the use of agile card-based systems, issue tracking software, SCM - preferably Git, wikis, and other tools)

Bonus Points:

  • Production experience with Big Data systems
  • Degrees, strength, and/or strong interest in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Expertise, experience, or interest in Machine Learning, AI, and data mining.
  • Experience with Clojure, Cascalog, Hadoop, Storm, Ring, Webnoir
  • Experience with Ruby 1.9, Rails 3, Rack, Sinatra, Bundler, Sass, Haml, and/or Delayed Job
  • Experience with Coffeescript, Jquery, Underscore, Backbone, D3, and/or Rickshaw
  • Postgres and/or MySQL familiarity
  • NoSQL database design and concepts (including MongoDB, key/value stores, column-oriented databases, and the CAP theorem)
  • Experience deploying to and managing services running in IaaS and PaaS cloud computing environments (including  Amazon, Heroku, Joynet, AppEngine, Rackspace, etc.)
  • Familiarity with Capistrano based-deployments, and systems configuration management solutions such as Chef or Puppet
  • Monitoring tools for large scale systems (including Cloud Watch, Nagios, Ganglia, and similar tools)