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Software Engineer (Brazil)

Engineering | Joinville, Brazil | Full Time and Part Time

Job Description

About Us:

  • JobScore is an online network that privately matches people and jobs.
  • Over 1000 employers use JobScore to manage their hiring and we process 1M+ job applications per year on their behalf.
  • JobScore is based in San Francisco, CA. We have some sports fans on our team.
  • We get fired up when we help our customers get better at hiring.

The Opportunity:

We are looking for a few smart engineers that want to work on interesting problems, author elegant code and a make big impact on a small team that supports a system that companies you've heard of depend on.

The Technology:

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • ElasticSearch
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Licensed software components (when we can’t find good open source options)

About You:

  • Productive: Take pride in your throughput and attention to detail.
  • Team Player: Enjoy working with other smart people who have good ideas.
  • Battle Scarred: Know what it’s like to work for a startup, and have worked for one before.
  • Skilled: Use the tools, technology and process listed above. If you haven’t, you are fired up to do so, are probably hacking with one or more of them on your own time, and would love to get paid to do so.
  • Opinionated: Know how important it is to design, build and deploy things simply.
  • Exact: Have a penchant for test-driven development.
  • Fun: Have an opinion on foos vs. ping pong vs. 9 ball.