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Recruiter Advocate

Customer Success | San Francisco, CA | Full Time

Job Description

About Us:

  • JobScore is an online network that privately matches people and jobs.
  • Over 1000 employers use JobScore to manage their hiring and we process 1M+ job applications per year on their behalf.
  • JobScore is based in San Francisco, CA. We have some sports fans on our team.
  • We get fired up when we help our customers get better at hiring.

About you:

  • Enthusiastic about recruiting & its challenges - you enjoy talking to recruiters about recruiting
  • Articulate, charming, and take pride in listening to customers.  This means you are good at what some call "sales" and others call "consulting" but most recognize as "awesomeness"
  • Detail oriented - you can prioritize and make things happen
  • Technically oriented - you like computers & software and enjoy solving complex problems

The Opportunity:

  • Make recruiters lives easier by eliminating "busywork" and helping them become more strategic.
  • Help re-define how companies find and hire people.
  • Evangelize our product in the recruiter community, building and fostering a network of progressive in-house and contract recruiters.


  • Follow up with customers who express interest in our software.  Demo it.  Make jaws drop.
  • Listen first. Customer Service second. Quality and detail orientation third.  Money last... but not least.
  • Train - help get new users up & running and help create what they need to be successful on the platform
  • Represent JobScore online and at trade shows, press tours, conferences, etc.

Desired Qualifications:

  • At least 1 year working as a recruiter, ideally in-house at an under resourced firm trying to hire many people at the same time..
  • Exceptional written communication skills (BA degree or above desired).  Marketing / copy-writing experience is a huge plus.
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills. (experience working with customers, experience in sales)
  • Experience talking to customers about products and massaging raw feedback into meaningful insight.
  • Familiarity with existing recruitment best practices and tools.