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Instructional Designer

Customer Success | San Francisco, CA | Full Time, Contract, Temporary, and Temp to Perm

Job Description

About Us

  • JobScore is an online network that privately matches people and jobs
  • Over 1000 employers use JobScore to manage their hiring. We process 1 Million+ job applications per year on their behalf
  • JobScore is based in San Francisco, CA. We have some sports fans on our team
  • We get fired up when we help our customers get better at hiring

About the Opportunity

  • We’re a small, growing, profitable software company.  We’re unusual in that we have 3x more engineers than business people. For some time now we haven’t been able to write copy as fast (or as well) as our engineers write code. This means we keep falling further behind on our support, marketing, and sales materials.
  • Our company values & self-service DNA *require* us to have top-notch written materials.  Our typical customer is a smaller business that doesn't have the budget or time for high-touch training to get started and be successful.   Our first line customer engagement strategy is to design elegant, intuitive software and (as necessary) point customers at easy-to-grok instructions.  Our design center is “simple & intuitive.” As our product has become more powerful and feature-rich, we've kept its self-service flexibility -- so teaching people to configure and use it has become a little harder.
  • We are looking for a superlative instructional designer to overhaul our HelpCenter documentation and training materials.  We want you to help us communicate better with existing customers and people who are just getting started.
  • Your job will be to come up with a plan and execute it.  Though you’ll be asked to learn from and interact with most of the company, we aren’t looking for a “manager.” We’re looking for someone who will enjoy doing virtually all of the writing themselves...  with budget and assistance to hire other folks to do the non-writing parts of the job.
  • The ideal candidate will already understand how uncommon excellent business writing is  -- and be looking for a resume-building opportunity to do high impact, awesome work for a progressive company that sincerely believes in the importance of "story.”


  • Design and author original training materials including documentation, long-form written tutorials, PowerPoint training presentations and video scripts / storyboards.
  • Tune up existing support materials that answer common questions.
  • Write launch emails & blog posts that excite customers about the value of product enhancements and motivate them to try them out.
  • Tap into your inner journalistic mojo: interview people and turn raw data into informative and entertaining stories.

About You

  • You know you have the talent to be a great instructional designer and trainer.  You take pride in your ability to write materials in the active voice that not only efficiently pass on information; they engage the audience so that they chuckle to themselves as they learn.
  • Detail oriented.  Organized is your default state.
  • A knack for understanding complex things and explaining them in a way that makes them sound simple.
  • Experienced enough to pace yourself and meet self-imposed deadlines.
  • Prefer to collaborate and work with others vs. work alone.
  • Up for starting out as a consultant so we can get to know each other.
  • Can work from our office in San Francisco.  It doesn’t have to be all the time - we’re good at working with folks remotely.

Required Qualifications

  • Writing is your craft. It has been for a long time. Other people have called your writing skill a "super power.” Mom counts.
  • An eye for when things aren't working... and the ability to make constructive suggestions about how to switch things around to make them easier to understand & train people to use.
  • At least one year of work experience in content development.  It would be wonderful if it were authoring training and/or marketing materials for a for a business software company.
  • A college degree & a few good stories about stuff that happened while you were in school.

Bonus Points

  • You've called yourself an instructional designer at some point, or at least know what that is.
  • Someone else called you "teacher” before - not necessarily in a classroom.
  • Experience scripting and producing rip-roaring-awesome training materials using images, video, webinars, or animations created by other talented people.
  • Hired people and have some opinions about recruiting. (what our product does)
  • You've experienced a “word-gasm” when you get that impossible piece of copy just right.
  • A contagious sense of enthusiasm.
  • Technical writing experience, an affinity for things computer-y.

Applications without cover letters will not be considered. 50%+ of whether we contact you will be based on the terse, original & entertaining prose of your cover letter - not what you've been doing for the past 5 years. It would be great if you could also include links in your cover letter to online materials that you've written that you are proud of.