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Inside Sales Development Executive (Remote - ID)

Sales | Remote - ID or CA | Full Time

Job Description

About Us

  • JobScore is recruiting software for companies with 50 - 2500 employees.

  • Founded in 2006, JobScore is profitable and headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

  • We’re bootstrapped and have taken no outside investment.

  • Our applicant tracking system (ATS) solution is currently used by 1,000+ employers.  

About You

  • Sharp & analytical. You know when to listen and when to speak. You float like a consultant and sting like an AE.

  • Multi-tasker: You love to juggle multiple tasks - and actively seek out ways to apply of your multi-track brain.

  • Tech-savvy: You don’t want to learn to code, but get that knowing a little HTML/CSS will warm our CTO’s heart. You enjoy learning new tech, and are that friend that people go-to to fix their computer... for better or worse.

  • Not a rookie, not a veteran:  You are already good at some stuff, but are primed to learn and grow.  You understand that taking your career up a notch is hard work, but can be great fun.

  • Diplomatic: You get that innovation and change often come from tension. You can handle a little conflict, and stay cool under pressure.

  • Customer-centric: You thrive on the front line.  Working with customers gets you fired up. Constantly improving your customer game is part of your repertoire.

  • Impact-motivated: The opportunity to fix client’s real business problems is exciting and inspires you to go above and beyond.

About the Opportunity

  • Learn how companies recruit and how to quantify the pain that caused them to contact us. Add value by helping them address that pain.

  • Listen actively, carefully and analytically… then figure out the best path forward to support the prospect’s journey.  This can mean helping on-board customers, connecting them with a more knowledgeable teammate or pointing them at a different product / solution.

  • Report to a sales leader who “gets it,” loves to answer questions, and has worn the marketing, sales, and ops hats in equal measure.

  • Work directly with experienced software folks (CEO, CTO, Head of Success) who know how to get things done. You’ll learn from a great team that's built a product that many people use, love and care deeply about.

  • Climb a steep learning curve so you can take on more responsibility and make more of an impact. There’s a lot to learn at JobScore, but you’ll come out the other end with exponentially more experience than you could get anywhere else.

  • Sharpen your skills by touching every department - Sales, Marketing, Support, Success, Product, and more.

  • Help refine our customer engagement strategy and offerings based on what you learn - we move from “concept” to “deployed and beloved” pretty darn quick.  Help us spot the areas for improvement, and then help bring it home.

  • Apply what you learn about recruiting technology and process to help companies eliminate busywork and improve performance. You’ll be amazed at how much time (and therefore: money) you can save customers.

  • Travel to attend industry events and meet with prospects in person (if you want to)

  • Other companies use just about every acronym under the sun when it comes this role - SDR, BDR, BDE, MRR, MQR, BBQ - the list goes on. Why are we going with Inside Sales Development Executive?  You’ll be spinning up new business - mostly inbound, a little [warm] outbound - while also performing aspects of an account executive role. That, and you’ll be a pivotal member of the team and a key component of the JobScore experience. We chose a unique title because we are looking for much more than “just an SDR” or “just an MRR”. Ask us more about this!


  • Review: Respond to a high volume of inbound calls, emails and chat requests in a timely fashion.

  • Discover: Engage with qualified prospects to understand their hiring needs and current hiring process.

  • Analyze: Figure out the best path forward for companies who want to use JobScore.

  • Consult: Answer questions and make recommendations. Learn the “right questions” to ask. Envision and deliver the optimal customer experience.

  • Collaborate: Know when to engage your colleagues,  Learn to support them and earn their respect & support in kind.

  • Coordinate: Gather information, set agendas and schedule follow ups.  Details. Details. Details.

  • Demonstrate: Share your screen and enthusiastically show how JobScore can add value and solve problems. Build hype.

  • Activate: On-board companies with simple self-service needs - getting prospects excited to use JobScore.

  • Retain: Become the awesome that people stick around for - and refer their friends to!

  • Improve: Spot opportunities for improvement (in the sales process and in yourself) and continuously drive growth.


Required Qualifications

  • At least 1 year of B2B SaaS sales experience.

  • Extremely strong written, verbal & in person communication skills.

  • You don't just love to win, you hate to lose.

  • Currently reside in either California or Idaho.

  • Moxie


Desired Qualifications

  • Enthusiastic about recruiting & its challenges: You'll enjoy talking to people about what their company does, their team composition and how they hire. 1+ year working hands on as an in-house recruiter would be a huge plus.

  • Process oriented and organized: You've used a CRM, ATS or other software tool to improve your productivity.  You don't think updating well-configured tools is a necessary evil - it's a cornerstone of your success, and you get that it helps a well-oiled organization “go.”

  • Patient, kind, fair, firm: You understand that sometimes people need a little extra help - but you also know how to draw boundaries.

  • Sales process nerd: You aren't just good at sales, you think up ways to improve sales delivery.  You actively and quantitatively experiment and bring innovation to the table.

  • Gift of gab meets silver-tongue: You are unusually likable and entertaining. You enjoy talking to people and they enjoy talking to you. When you learn what a customer needs, there’s nothing that can stand between you & the solution - this comes across in how you speak, not what you are saying.

  • Business writing acumen: You excel at writing friendly, concise emails with logical, sequential bullet points that drive action. Maybe you’ve dabbled with outbound email sequences, or even know that a “split test” has nothing to do with gymnastics.

  • Technical inclination: You like computers & software. Helping people learn how to use technology makes you feel good. Teaching them to improve their lives with technology makes you feel great.

  • Ethical and helpful: You live by the golden rule and know first hand that following it pays long-term dividends.

  • Proud, never prideful: You’re eager to get to a point where you have more responsibility, and aren’t afraid to ask the right questions to get there or take constructive criticism to improve.