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Growth Marketing Manager

Marketing | San Francisco, CA | Full Time

Job Description

About Us

  • JobScore makes software that helps companies get better at recruiting. We compete in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) market.
  • 1,000+ employers process 1,000,000+ job applications per year on the platform.
  • We're a small, productive team in San Francisco, CA that works with many consultants in southern Brazil.

About the Job

  • Reporting to our CEO & head of product, you will own customer acquisition, activation and engagement for the company.
  • JobScore is designed to be used by every employee at a company -- because hiring is a team sport.  That said, you'll mostly market to in-house recruiters, HR and hiring managers.
  • JobScore has grown organically with very little marketing support... there’s low hanging fruit that's ripe for the picking all over the place.
  • This is a hands-on opportunity for a mid-career professional who wants more exposure and impact.  You'll work closely with founders, product managers, sales, customer success, software engineers and awesome advisors.
  • We already have our marketing stack in place for you to use and own including a lead database, Mixmax, Close, and more.
  • Ideate. Strategize. Execute. Measure. Iterate. Repeat. Party till dawn.
  • Do most stuff yourself.  Bring in outside contractors as necessary.  Drive massive success so you can hire your own minions.
  • Run paid advertising campaigns, but only when you are so confident they will be profitable that you will perform seppuku if they aren’t. (you try the free stuff before spending hard-earned $$)

About You

  • Iterative: You are comfortable doing things quickly & poorly... then working collaboratively through iterations to make things great.
  • Copywriter: You love words.  You always notice snazzy copy and file it away. Your MO is to both inform and entertain.  
  • Quantitative: You are fluent in the language of marketing measurement.  You embrace truth in numbers and use them to prioritize.
  • Systems oriented: You understand the demands of building for scale and self service.  If you went fishing, you'd use a net, not a spear.
  • High throughput: You are very good at understanding and communicating what needs to get done --then getting it done yourself.
  • Collaborative: You know how to work with creatives to get the visual assets you need to make campaigns sing.

Desired Experience

  • Extremely strong writing & editing skills.
  • 3+ years hands-on experience working for a growing software company.
  • Super-user of at least one acquisition & engagement platform. (Google Analytics, Segment, Mixpanel, Intercom, Sendgrid, etc.) 
  • Familiar with paid online advertising / lead generation systems. (Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Capterra, G2, etc)
  • Familiar with (and aptitude to learn more about) analytics tools. (Excel, pivot tables, SQL)
  • Penchant for authoring plans that offshore teams to execute.

JobScore’s founders live in San Francisco, CA but this job is 100% remote.  If you can travel to San Francisco from time to time, that’s in the cards.  We are looking for a full-time marketing wizard, but are happy to start out on a contract / part-time basis.

50%+ of whether we contact you will be based on the terse, original & entertaining prose of your cover letter.