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Customer Success & Happiness

Customer Success | San Francisco, CA | Full Time

Job Description

About Us:

  • JobScore is an online network that privately matches people and jobs.
  • Over 1000 employers use JobScore to manage their hiring and we process over 1 Million job applications per year on their behalf.
  • JobScore is based in San Francisco, CA. We have some sports fans on our team.
  • We get fired up when we help our customers get better at hiring.

About You

  • Articulate, charming, and a great active listener.
  • Detail oriented - you know how to prioritize and make things happen.
  • Technically savvy - you like computers and enjoy solving problems.
  • You care.

About the Opportunity

  • Our goal is to invest in you and help you climb a steep learning curve.
  • JobScore is a service-first company.  Your job will be to provide service.  Do the math.
  • Work closely with and learn from experienced software folks.
  • Make customers love you by answering questions in a direct and timely manner.


  • Support customers using email and the phone - learning until you can act as the primary point of contact - being “on point” to field incoming questions from new prospects and existing customers.
  • Reproduce, troubleshoot and report bugs to our software engineering team.
  • Act as the voice of the customer within the company, proactively making suggestions about how to improve our product and service.

Required Qualifications

  • At least 3 years of work experience, preferably at a software company.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree & a few good stories about stuff that happened in college.
  • Work onsite in our office in San Francisco, CA at least 50% the time for your first 6 months while you learn - after that, the world is your oyster (provided you have an internet connection).

Bonus Points

  • You’ve directly supported customers.
  • You’ve done some teaching or training.
  • You have some experience recruiting and/or have used JobScore.
  • A contagious sense of urgency and enthusiasm.
  • The ability to exude a zen-like calming vibe on demand.

Applications without cover letters will not be considered.  50%+ of whether we contact you will be based on the terse, original & entertaining prose of your cover letter.