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Sr Angular Developer (contract)

Digital Campus - Software Engineering | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India | Contract

Job Description

Being the global leader in international education services, for more than 50 years IDP has been the pioneer in this sector, specializing in combining human expertise with leading technology to help people reach their global ambitions. Operating in more than 50 countries around the world, IDP values and celebrates diversity, fostering a safe and inclusive workplace.

IDP Education Ltd is the proud co-owner of IELTS (International English Language Testing System), the world’s most popular high stakes English language proficiency test.

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If you share our passion in helping people to pursue their dreams through education and thrive in an innovative agile digital culture then come and join us as we undergo our digital revolution


Do you want to see your Angular Development being used to change people’s lives?

IDP use Angular to develop Applications that help Students with one of the biggest decisions of their lives and we need your expert help to do it faster.

This is the real deal! Right now, IDP has 100+ Angular components in production and we have an exciting backlog of disruptive innovations waiting for your Angular skills to arrive and deliver.

Is this you?

  • Angular and Ionic Magician. I love working with top UI/UX designers to make beautiful software. I take their beautiful Figma designs and know all the tricks and skills to ensure designs are represented faithfully in every platform my users choose – Mobile and Web. This is my superpower.
  • I build Business Applications. While the UX is vital, I know there is a lot more to creating Enterprise Grade business applications. I understand AppSec, SEO, BFF & API, Reuse & Shared Components (Micro-Frontends), Readability and how to produce code that other developers love extending and supporting because it is so well structured.
  • I want to Code AND Lead a team. I build beautiful software and enjoy doing it. While I still want to write my own software, I enjoy spending roughly 60% of my time developing and supporting other Angular / Ionic engineers to be the best they can be. I know Software is a team sport, and I love teaching and mentoring people on my team to improve their work and skills.
  • My energy is contagious. Teams I’ve led seem to grow leaders and great developers of great software. We have a tone of what is acceptable in our team, and we are always raising it. I make things happen.
  • I’m a problem solver. I have a reputation as someone that people pull in when there is a tough problem to solve. I have a great understanding of software patterns and know how to use them to solve many coding challenges.
  • The process of software development is important to me. I understand modern methods of creating amazing software, and my teams are always innovating our approach to delivering quality software at speed.
  • I learn quickly. I love learning, improving my skills, and I plan to never stop. I tend to pick up new concepts and technologies quickly. Angular is new, I have enjoyed learning it and continue to improve my skills, but I know there will be another technology coming – I’m ready and want to always move forward.

If so, here is what we are looking for:

  • Ambition. You want to create Angular applications that are the best they can be. You want to continually redefine what “best” is, and always be raising the bar. You want to continually grow your skills, and those of the team around you. While you are always relied on to deliver, you have the big picture in mind – you know that building maintainability, security and component-based approaches into your products makes everyone’s lives better.
  • Angular and Ionic Mastery. You REALLY understand how to get the best out of these tools. You make building elegant and reusable multi-tenant components look easy. You know how to take amazing UI/UX designs, develop them faithfully in Ionic / Angular, and integrate them with APIs from IDP’s AWS Microservice Architecture.
  • Leadership. While you are in your heart a software engineer, you also are a natural leader. You will still personally develop beautiful features, but a significant part of your role will be to guide, coach and mentor junior developers in your team. You’ll be active in setting direction and standards and work closely with other capability leads to continually improve IPD’s Software Engineering flow.
  • Never-ending Learning. Our tech stack is modern, our industry is dynamic, our business is innovating, what we do is REALLY important. So continuous learning is vital – probably the most important aspect of what we are looking for is someone who has a passion for learning and applying new knowledge.
  • Software Development Process. You will have practical experience in modern software development practices and principles with Angular and Ionic. The practical implementation of Shift-left practices such as TDD, Pair/Mob Programming, CI/CD and DevSecOps are important in this role. You will bring a practical experience in many of these and have the skills to implement them in your squads.
  • Modern Software Architectures: Knowing Rest APIs, Observability, Components, Testability, Database development, Application Security… These are all technical skills that are normal for you.
  • Innovator and Thought Leader. IDP are always looking to improve. We value Software experts who float ideas, improve our standards, share knowledge – you will have a history of these sorts of things.

About Developing Software at IDP

  • IDP does innovation well. We have a constant stream of incremental innovation in our existing products we manage with our SAFEAgile processes. IDP has some “super-power” advantages that contribute heavily to the success of our innovations: We have a powerful mission (we really do change our customers lives), a completely modern tech stack, a skilled and productive in-house software development capability, and innovation focused business leadership – right from the top.
  • Our Tech Stack. Our tech stack is largely cantered around the following components: Language: Python; IaC: AWS CDK; Database: PostgreSQL, Redshift ; AWS Serverless (Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, SNS); Observability: SumoLogic; Frontend: Angular & Ionic; CMS: Contentful
  • Microservices and SaaS. Many companies are talking about doing Digital Transformations. IDP started in 2017 when a range of best-in-class SaaS solutions were implemented for CRM, Marketing Automation, Contact Centres, Event Management, e-Commerce solutions to create our Global Platform. These SaaS solutions do much of the heavy lifting for our platform, but we do most of our feature innovation in our Microservices.
  • Event Driven Architecture. IDP began its move to the Event Driven Architecture in 2019. The EDA is now providing major advantages: Our business transactions are real time and fast; we have full observability and fault tolerance built into our standards; and data is available across our entire platform.
  • SAFEAgile. IDP utilize many of the ceremonies from the SAFEAgile framework which are well embedded in how we innovate. Our delivery teams are organized in Squads, we utilize Jira, and deliver in sprints.
  • Machine Learning. IDP have a very strong Data Science team who work with our developers to build machine learning algorithms utilizing our data advantage. We incorporate algorithms into many of our workflows and microservices.
  • Security & Privacy. We build Security and Design into all stages of our software development from Architectures, Solutioning, the Development process, and production.
  • Architecture and Solutioning. IDP have a strong architecture practice that have modern Architectures and designed solutions to go into the Software Development process.

What our Software does

IDP genuinely change peoples’ lives. Our mission is to help students make the right decisions to achieve their global dreams. As Technologists, each sprint the features we deliver will most likely change at many people’s lives dramatically for the better – it feels good.

We have built the world's largest community of prospective students, who are connected to the largest network of highly trained counsellors, who are, in turn, connected to institutions in major destination countries.

IDP Live is our latest innovation in technology and data including a cutting-edge app and platform that connects students with their dreams – the right course, in the right country, at the right institution. The Architectural and Software Engineering choices that underpin the technical success of IDP Live will continue to drive the next round of our business innovations.

What you will do.

We are hopeful that you will enjoy a long career at IDP as we continuously learn and innovate. While there will be a specific job for you as you start, we hope you will be excited to work on a range of projects, roles, deliverables, investigations, prototypes, evaluations through your IDP career.

For your first assignment at IDP here is what we will be looking for you to do:

  • Work closely with the UI/UX team to implement Figma designs in Angular / Ionic
  • Uplift the quality and throughput of your squad(s) by implementing modern software engineering practices across the squad.
  • Identify, plan, and execute initiatives to reduce technical debt in your code base.
  • Work with other leaders to evolve the structure, flow and work patterns of Squads.
  • As a DevOps team you will own your code in production.
  • Actively participate in the Software Engineering Community of Practice (CoP).


IDP Education’s ongoing success comes from our highly committed and caring employees around the globe.  We encourage teamwork in order to leverage our people's diverse talents and expertise through effective collaboration and cooperation throughout our business. We strive to provide a working environment where people are encouraged to excel, be creative and seek new ways to solve problems, take initiative, generate opportunities and be accountable for their actions.

We believe in developing dynamic, inclusive work places that encourage and celebrate cultural differences and views, and provide opportunities for personal, professional and career development all around the world. We respect diversity in our people: their ideas, work styles and perspectives as well as offering flexibility to ensure employees enjoy a satisfying balance of work and personal life.