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Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor

Teaching | Hogsmeade, United Kingdom | Full Time

Job Description

About Us:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, founded in the 9th Century, is one of the wizarding world's leading educational institutions for today's youth. Located in an undisclosed area in Scotland, Hogwarts has been leading the way in wizarding education for many of the world's brightest and accomplished witches and wizards of all time. 

Hogwarts aims to be a nourishing environment for young witches and wizards to learn magic and enable them to be upstanding citizens in the magical community.


  • Evaluation of current existential threats
  • Ownership of defense curriculum
  • Preparation of students to confront he-who-must-not-be-named and/or death eaters


  • Highest level of certification for dark magical items
  • Demonstrated mastery of the unforgivable curses
  • Must have graduated with an O on all O.W.L.s 

Bonus Points:

  • Have at unboxed at least one Olivander wand
  • Previous combat experience against Death Eathers
  • Experience in concealment of magical evidence from muggles


  • Recreational access to potions materials
  • We've got Quidditch fans among us
  • Reserved fireplace for floo powder commute