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Operations Associate- Orlando, Tampa, or Gainesville

Operations | Orlando, FL | Full Time

Job Description

About HireAthena

HireAthena is transforming the way startups manage their business operations. Startup CEOs can buy QuickBooks and try to do their own accounting. They can also try to figure out payroll, HR, and benefits... and then try to “glue” all those services together.  An increasing number of startups and growing companies have hired us to do it for them.  We’ve found the best way of doing any given task related to accounting, finance, HR and payroll by providing software and constantly refining it to meet our clients’ needs - real-time.

Want to help a fun tech-savvy startup change the world? Join us!


Position Overview

We’re hiring an Operations Associate to execute processes that our critical to our business. We’re currently “systemizing” our entire business. As our Ops Associate, you will play a large role in this transformation of our company.

This job is a great way to break into startups, as you will learn a great deal about Operations in this role. You will be executing processes by following process documents that we have created. You will get a valuable education in how processes should be set up. You will also be involved in optimizing these processes to make them more efficient, using the inside knowledge you’ve gained from doing these processes.

You’ll be working with cool websites and apps, so you’ll get experience using the latest cloud-enabled software. We also have an in-house technology team that creates technology so that all these websites and apps work together.

We are eager for you to excel and be promoted. As a successful Ops Associate, you will become intimately familiar with the entire scope of our business, which allows you to define your career path.

This position will be a work-from-home position based in Central or North Central Florida.



  • Work closely with Services and Technology teams to ensure quality delivery of HireAthena services  

  • Handle operational duties such as configuration and off-boarding of clients, helping your co-workers use processes, and invoicing

  • Liaison with our technology partners to make sure our key tools and technology integrations work flawlessly

  • Provide tech support our network of Accounting and HR professionals.


What We’re Looking For

  • You have to work well with others. Because the majority of our company works remotely, you will need to be able to build rapport through virtual interactions.

  • You have to be a good multi-tasker, able to prioritize dozens of tasks in a startup environment.

  • Organized, self-starters who are able to work under pressure.

  • You have to be tech-savvy. We’re looking for somebody who can master new technologies as needed as well as be open to using whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • A year or two of business experience is a plus, but not required. We’re open to hiring recent college graduates looking to break into the startup world.



Full benefits: medical, dental, vision, 401(k), paid time off



Important Application Information:

In addition to sending us your resume and a cover letter, please read the process document (below) and follow the process to create a Google spreadsheet to share with us.

We are asking you to do this for two reasons. First, you’re going to be following process documents as part of this job. So doing this small project will give you a taste of what this job entails.

Second, we will be looking at your Google spreadsheet as our primary filter when assessing applications. In other words, we will not look at your cover letter and resume until we assess your spreadsheet. We have found that this helps us find great people, instead of just picking the candidate with the most prestigious education or work experience.

This is a sample process we created for this job application. The goal of this process would be to identify hot startups to which we would sell our services.

Here's the "Identify Promising YC Startups" process:

1. Pull up this list of Y Combinator companies


Y Combinator (YC) is an incubator that helps create and invest in startups. That URL contains a relatively complete list of companies in which YC has invested.

2. Copy all the W16 companies and paste them into a Google Docs spreadsheet

W16 is shorthand for "Winter 2016". YC funds startups in "batches" that are labeled by the season and the year. The Winter 2016 batch was funded in early 2016.

Copy just the W16 companies into a Google Docs spreadsheet. You can create the spreadsheet by following Google's tutorial here:

Paste the W16 data from the site into your Google Doc. The little images for each company that appear on the site won't copy over. That's OK.

3. Make your spreadsheet public by selecting "Anyone with the link"


4. Add a column to the spreadsheet about Twitter

It should be to the right of the columns you created in step 2.

The column should be named "Twitter username". In that column, you should enter the Twitter usernames for the first 5 startups

To find the Twitter username, go here:

Type in the name of the company and click the Search button. If you've found the official Twitter profile, there should be tweets related to the company in the timeline. Also, in the profile section, the account should have a link to the startup's URL (which you have from the data).

5. Add four columns to the spreadsheet about AngelList

They should be to the left of the column you created in step 4.

The first column should be named “AngelList site” and the other 3 columns should be named “Co-founder 1”, “Co-founder 2” and “Co-founder 3”.

Fill in the AngelList site and up to three co-founders for the first five 5 startups.

To find the AngelList site, go here:

Type in the name of the company in the Search bar on the top right of the screen and click the Search button. If you’ve found the correct site, “Y Combinator Winter 2016” will be listed under the name on that company’s site.

Once you are on a company’s AngelList site, you can view the (co-)founders under the “Founders” section, about halfway down the page.

6. Research the startups

At this point, you should have full data on 5 YC startups. Pick three YC startups of the 5 to research further.

In your spreadsheet, create a new column in the leftmost position called "To Research". For the three companies you’ve decided to research, type "YES" next to your three companies.

7. Look these companies up on TechCrunch

For each of your three startups, do a search of the TechCrunch website by using the "site" operator. Now add up to 3 columns to the far right of your spreadsheet, named “TC 1”, “TC 2”, “TC 3”, and so on.

In these columns, paste in the URLs for each story you found on TechCrunch. You can stop at 3.

8. Put a link to the Google Doc in your cover letter


When applying via JobScore, in your cover letter, please include a link to your Google Doc. Applications without this work sample will not be considered.  That's it! Thanks for applying!