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Federal Contractor | Warren Air Force Base, WY | Part Time

Job Description


*Position is Contingent upon Contract Award


Location: F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming

The Catholic Religious Education Coordinator responsibilities:

Education and Experience Requirement:

• Must be at least 18 years of age and hold a high school diploma.

• Shall have at least 2 years of experience and familiarity with responsibilities outlined in

their respective positions.

• Be able to effectively communicate verbally and in written English.

• Be able to work cooperatively in an interfaith setting with chaplains, staff and

parishioners of varied and diverse religious backgrounds.

• Shall have at least 2 years of experience and familiarity with Catholic programs.

• Shall possess relevant training and education (ministry-related field), have experience

working within a volunteer-based Catholic RE program.

• Shall have the ability to communicate effectively, efficiently organize, and manage

diverse program elements.

• Must be proficient with Microsoft Office and Adobe software programs.

• Shall furnish resume including academic and work-related references (i.e., Catholic

churches, schools, etc.).

• Shall have current AMS basic minimum certification for RE Coordinator or fulfill the

AMS basic minimum certification requirements and obtain the certification within 6

months of the assignment of the position.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Maintain religious education enrollment and weekly attendance reports. Consolidate

weekly attendance reports using local or Air Force form for Individual Religious

Education Enrollment and Registration Record. Contact the parents/guardians of the

student(s) absent for three or more consecutive classes.

• Serve as the Catholic RE Volunteer Supervisor. Develop a clear description of the duties

and scope of responsibility for each volunteer position. Receives guidance and direction,

in this regard, from the Chaplain Corps Volunteer Program Manager.

• Shall present the volunteer with a copy of their completed DD Form 2793 with Part IV,

and provide the finalized document to the Volunteer Program Manager.

• Provide initial and annual orientation and training for RE program volunteers.

• Shall provide written information regarding their immediate supervisor, means of

contacting their supervisor, conflict resolution procedures, and assistance procedures.

• Shall provide procedures to document the number of hours of voluntary service.

• Provide types of services offered.

• Provide policies and procedures for obtaining reimbursement for incidental expenses.

• Vehicle Training for Volunteers. The coordinator tracks/schedules vehicle training for

volunteers. If volunteer duties include driving a vehicle, the volunteer must possess a

valid driver’s license. Volunteers are subject to screening through the National Driver

Registry and must comply with applicable training requirements. If the volunteer is

driving a Government Owned Vehicle (GOV) the volunteer must possess a valid GOV


• Provide recurring Training. All volunteers will receive recurring, annual training

concerning the volunteer requirements listed in AFI 52-105, Chaplain Corps Resourcing.

Volunteer supervisor will note the training on a sign-in sheet. Supervisors will provide a

copy of the sign-in sheet to the Volunteer Program Manager for storage in the volunteer’s


• Provide annual feedback to volunteers on performance.

• Report each volunteer’s service hours to the Volunteer Program Manager at least once

per month.

• Ensure that all volunteers in the religious education program have undergone mandatory

background records checks as directed by DoDI 1402.05, Background Checks on

Individuals in Department of Defense Child Development and Youth Programs.

• Review professional religious education curricula and disseminate relevant materials to

the teaching staff.

• Attend the F. E. Warren AFB Chapel weekly staff meeting and report on the status of

Catholic RE.

• Attend the F. E. Warren AFB Chapel scheduled Catholic Community Advisory Council


• Evaluate, select and procure Vacation Bible School (VBS) curriculum, recruit and train

the VBS teachers and other support staff, publicize the event, coordinate supply needs,

plan and accomplish VBS in cooperation with the local diocese and chapel staff.

• Prepare publicity concerning the Catholic RE program for the F. E. Warren Chapel in

base publications and off-base newspapers, etc. Proposed publicity must be coordinated

in turn through the Deputy Wing Chaplain and the Wing Chaplain prior to submission to

the Public Affairs office and then to the appropriate agency.

• Prepare and submit a Catholic RE Chapel Tithes and Offerings Fund (CTOF) and

Appropriated Fund (APF) annual budget to the Catholic chaplain or Wing Chaplain (or

his/her designee) not later than 1 May for the upcoming fiscal year.

• Coordinate logistical needs for Catholic RE. Be familiar with CTOF AFI 52-105,

Chaplain Corps Resourcing. Submit requests through the CTOF Account Manager using

AF Form 4356, CTOF Purchase Request, and/or through the APF Approving Official

using the 90 MW Form 43, Government Purchase Card Request.

• Select and submit any/all RE curriculum orders with approval from the Wing Chaplain,

Deputy Wing and the Catholic chaplain. Ensure Wing Chaplain (or Deputy Wing

Chaplain in his/her absence) verifies approval by signing the appropriate purchase

request form(s) prior to submitting the form for purchase.

• Reserve chapel facilities or specified rooms for all activities within the facilities. Ensure

that all facilities used are properly maintained, cleaned and secured upon departure.

• Ensure the RE facility is opened at least one-half hour before RE classes begin and

maintain a presence until classes are over and all children have departed the building with

their guardian(s).

• Develop a working knowledge of sacramental policies required by the AMS to ensure

proper Catholic RE protocols are maintained. In the absence of the Catholic Priest will

ensure the required submissions with AMS are completed as necessary.


• Shall work 3 days per week during Monday through Friday, between the hours of 0730-

1630, totaling 10 hours per week. (In addition to weekend evening RE activities.