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Supervisory Production Technician

Operations | Kerrville, TX | Full Time | From $25.00 to $30.00 per hour

Job Description

Why This Role?

Eterneva’s goal is to change the cultural conversation of death, grief, and remembrance for as many people as possible. Eterneva offers a unique customer journey to help transform the grief around the loss into remembrance around what was remarkable about the loved one. We do this through a unique offering of services and products, all centered around the notion that loved ones should stay a part of our lives and should be remembered remarkably.

Eterneva’s premier product is memorial diamonds. We transform the residual carbon from hair or cremated remains into diamonds and set these diamonds in a wide variety of jewelry items. We provide our customers with high-quality, detailed video and images so our customers can see each stage in the transformation for themselves.

The production of diamonds from our customs carbon, is handled at our main location in Kerrville, TX and we are currently looking for an Production Technician to join our team.

Focus of this Role: 

#1 Operation of Diamond Growth Machines: The incumbent will, either directly or through team members, load and unload our diamond growth machines, monitor how each machine performs against its settings (during production runs) and adjust or escalate as required. (S)he will pay close attention to infra-structure  equipment performance, and ensure maintenance is up to par on all production-related equipment.

During diamond growth cycles the machines are monitored through our SCADA system, and the incumbent handles first-line diagnostics and exception-handling.

#2 Post Processing of Growth Cells:  After diamond growth is completed in the machines, the growth cell must be “opened” to extract the diamond for evaluation and cutting. This includes treatment in an acid bath and laser cutting. The Production Technician will be expected to safely operate acid cleaning stations and a diamond cutting laser.

#3 Managing Production Technicians: As we ramp up the site, volume dictates that we will need additional Production Technicians to keep up with demand. The incumbent will oversee these technicians, ensure that schedules overlap to ensure adequate coverage at all times, deal with performance issues, and escalate any hiring & firing decisions to management. The expectation is that this team will be around 5 people within 12 months.

#4 Data Integrity: Eterneva’s diamonds are all uniquely grown from a  loved one’s remains to the customer specifications. For that reason it is imperative that all steps of the process are carefully monitored and controlled. The Production Tech shall maintain meticulous data entry using the system of record for each step of the process from the loading of the growth machine to when the rough diamond is ready for evaluation. Some or all of these steps are captured in digital media so the Production Technician will have to display proper care at all times and follow company scripts and procedures.

#5 Tasks as assigned: In addition to the functions described above, the incumbent will be tasked with a variety of tasks that may or may not be immediately related to the primary job responsibilities. We are a start-up, and all team members are expected to roll up their sleeves when and where required. This should not become more than 40% of overall work-load on a monthly period.

Baseline Responsibilities: 

  1. Operate Diamond Growth Machines, Acid Stations and Cutting Laser

  2. Manage Production Technicians doing same

  3. Maintain Cleanliness & Readiness of All Production Equipment

  4. Data Integrity & Digital Media Capture

 Additional Skills:

  • You are an extremely strong verbal communicator

  • You're mission-driven, want to serve others, and be a part of something greater than yourself

  • You're an incredibly hard worker 

  • You're honest and transparent

How We’ll Measure This Role:

  • Adherence to company values

  • Quality of day-to-day work 

    • Production equipment uptime

    • Efficiency and timeliness in dealing with machine exceptions 

    • Avoidable machine down-time due to maintenance issues

    • Behavior, organizational and messaging while on camera

  • Maintained cleanliness and organization of production areas

  • Level of detail-orientation in maintaining process records & documents

  • Creativity in optimizing & adapting processes in collaboration with the Production Facility manager

Prerequisites for Role:

  • Experience in production environment operating and maintaining equipment 

  • Experience managing hourly direct-labor staff in a production environment

  • GED absolutely required, add’l education highly preferred

  • Proficient with MS windows and office-suite