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Fabrication Technician

Operations | Kerrville, TX | Full Time | Opened about 1 month ago | From $22.00 to $35.00 per hour

Job Description

Why this Role?

Eterneva’s goal is to change the cultural conversation of death, grief, and remembrance for as many people as possible. Eterneva offers a unique customer journey to help transform the grief around the loss into remembrance around what was remarkable about the loved one. We do this through a unique offering of services and products, all centered around the notion that loved ones should stay a part of our lives and should be remembered remarkably.

Eterneva’s premier product is memorial diamonds. We transform the residual carbon from cremated remains into diamonds and set these diamonds in a wide variety of jewelry items.  Eterneva is one of only a couple companies world-wide to take the processes of  creating memorial diamonds to a truly large scale. The processes within the industry are “old” and very manual/one-off, and we are implementing leading-edge production structures to create an environment where customers can know their diamond will be the best it can be.

For these activities, Eterneva is building a production facility in the Kerrville / Ingram area, and we are currently looking for a Fabrication Technician to join our team to handle a combination of responsibilities. 

Focus of this Role: 

The main responsibilities of a Fabrication Tech at Eterneva include contributing to the development   of   the  technical   processes,   assisting   in   the   building   of   prototype   and production machines, creating and keeping technical documentation up to date, perform maintenance on production and fabrication machines:

  1. Development of Technical Processes:  The key to bringing production in-house is to develop super-solid, repeatable processes to support each step in the manufacturing cycle at Eterneva: Purification, Growth, Cutting and Setting.  The incumbent will work with Eterneva’s R&D Engineers during the development of a process to set up, run and document tests and experiments. Over time / as the process solidifies, the Technician will become the de-facto expert that Production can turn to whenever there are questions, training needs etc. 
  2.  Building   Prototypes   and   Machines:  Because Eterneva wants to achieve true scale in a legacy industry, we are designing our own production equipment and assembling them in-house. It is up to the Fabrication Technician to build and test prototypes and early production machines, create 3D models of parts and assemblies needed for the machines, creating and/or updating all of the docu- mentation for the subsequent manufacture & operation of the machines, as well as fabricating, assembling and testing the actual machines (mechanical, electrical, sheet-metal, CNC, PLC’s). 
  3. Perform Maintenance on Machines & Equipment: As part of the hand-off of  equipment to Production, the incumbent will provide maintenance procedures for the production machines as well as schedule and perform the 2nd-tier maintenance with full maintenance records. The Fabrication Technician will also implement maintenance procedures for all of R&D’s fabrication machines per manufacturers’ recommendation, manage parts-inventory with the R&D engineers, and perform maintenance with full maintenance records. This maintenance includes ensuring the fabrication area is clean & organized, that hand-tools are complete and free of issues, and that work-areas are stocked with all consumables, trash-free etc.
  4. Tasks as assigned: In addition to the functions described above, they will be given a variety of tasks that may or may not be immediately related to the primary job responsibilities. We are a start-up, and all team members are expected to roll up their sleeves when and where required. This should not become more than 40% of overall work-load on a monthly period.

Baseline Responsibilities 

1. Develop and test processes required for Purification, Growth, Cutting and Setting.

    a. Create/follow experiment plan

    b. Set up equipment and instruments required for experiment

c. Conduct and document experiment

2. Assist in building production prototypes and machines.

a. Review design and documents

b. Assemble parts and instruments per instructions (written or verbal)

c. Perform functional tests on equipment and instruments

d. Test instruments from field to control system

3. Maintenance:

a. Production Machines

i. Develop maintenance procedures including schedules with engineers

ii. Perform maintenance and document.

iii. Inspect machines to identify possible failures

iv. Perform routine maintenance

v. Keep records linked to machines

b. Fabrication Equipment

i. Review and implement OEM’s recommended maintenance procedures

ii. Perform maintenance and document.

iii. Keep records linked to machines

Additional Skills:

  • You're mission-driven, want to serve others, and be a part of something greater than yourself

  • You're an incredibly hard worker, fast learner and love working with people.

  • You're self motivated, honest and transparent

  • We are doing things bigger, better and faster than anyone else, with equipment that we invented and that nobody else has. That means everything we work on is built with best effort & intentions,  and something will not-work.

  • You understand that that is expected. Not all experiments/assignments will turn out as intended. If we knew how it all worked, we would be doing it already. You will keep track of how things are going when it’s going well, so that when things do not work out, you can openly share how things got to that point, how you think we should  organize a re-do of the work, and you will document (w/ video, pictures, SCADA data etc)   


How We’ll Measure This Role:

  • Adherence to company values

  • Quality of day-to-day work 

  • Maintained cleanliness and organization of Ops areas

  • Performance/up-time of production and R&D equipment

  • Ability to balance being self starter/self-sufficient with requesting guidance/assistance early and often

Other notes:

This is a 40 hr/week job, located at KRV-2. It will have some overtime (est. 5-10 hrs a week) but not consistently. Requirements for the position are:

  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED)

  • HVAC technician certification or similar

  • Solid computer skills required (MS Office etc)

  • Proven ability to learn advanced skills (robotics, PLC’s, CAD, CNC machining, SCADA programming) based on combination of formal education and self-study