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Customer Care Specialist

Operations | Remote | Full Time | Opened about 1 month ago | $18.00 - $24.00 per hour

Job Description

Why This Role?

Eterneva’s goal is to change the cultural conversation of death, grief, and remembrance for as many people as possible. Eterneva offers a unique customer journey to help transform the grief around the loss into remembrance around what was remarkable about the loved one. We do this through a unique offering of services and products, all centered around the notion that loved ones should stay a part of our lives and should be remembered remarkably.

Eterneva’s premier product is memorial diamonds. We transform the residual carbon from cremated remains into diamonds and set these diamonds in a wide variety of jewelry items. We provide our customers with high-quality, detailed video and images so our customers can see each stage in the transformation for themselves.

The core activities that make up the acquisition of the cremated remains and transforming them into forms of pure carbon, is handled at our main location in Austin, TX and we are currently looking for an Acquisition Technician to join our team.

Focus of this Role: 

  • #1 Collection and processing of cremated remains: The cremated remains sent in by our customers are an extremely precious resource, and they need to be handled with utmost care. The incumbent will remove the cremated remains from the shipping container, process them through the steps of the purification process, and store the resulting carbon. 
  • #2 Media capture: At each stage of the diamond process, Eterneva provides the customer with detailed, high-quality videos and pictures to show progress and the chain-of-custody for each order. The incumbent will record these videos and pictures, and will do the narration of the activities in the video with customer-unique information. Eterneva prides itself on how these media-updates are done, and the media-content must be created with laboratory-style precision, cleanliness, conscientiousness and utmost integrity. 
  • #3 Customer tours of the growth laboratory (virtual and in real life): Eterneva’s customers expect absolute transparency around the diamond journey. As part of that, we allow customers to tour our production laboratory in Austin. The incumbent will require an integrated understanding of our process and serve to bring awareness and educate the public. The incumbent will need to be able to speak to each step in the process with complete confidence and transparency as well as honest empathy towards the customer’s experience.
  • #4: Social Media Videos: The incumbent periodically will be asked by the media team to create videos that will be shared through Eterneva’s social media accounts such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The incumbent must be comfortable to film these and allow us to post to our followers. 
  • #5 Tasks as assigned: In addition to the functions described above, the incumbent will be tasked with a variety of tasks that may or may not be immediately related to the primary job responsibilities. We are a start-up, and all team members are expected to roll up their sleeves when and where required. This should not become more than 40% of overall work-load on a monthly period.

Baseline Responsibilities: 

  1. Receive and inspect cremated remains

  2. Process cremated remains into pure carbon

  3. Document all steps with proper documentation and digital media

  4. Maintain absolute vault integrity

  5. Host facility tours for customers and internal resources

 Additional Skills:

  • You are an extremely strong verbal communicator

  • You're empathetic, bright, positive and really good at connecting with others and making them feel understood

  • You're mission-driven, want to serve others, and be a part of something greater than yourself

  • You're an incredibly hard worker and love working with people as self-motivated as you

  • You're honest and transparent

How We’ll Measure This Role:

  • Adherence to company values

  • Quality of day-to-day work 

    • Brand-audit results of “secret shopper” media reviews

    • Carbon-vault audit results from system-driven cycle-counts

  • Maintained cleanliness and organization of ops areas

  • Level of detail-orientation in maintaining process records & documents

  • Creativity in optimizing & adapting processes in collaboration with the HPHT Growth Manager

Prerequisites for Role:

  • Film a 60 second video providing a journey update to a customer