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Fulfilment | Louisville, KY | Full Time

Job Description

Make a great Mortgage Company look even Better! 

Our company is growing in stride with over 30-50 loans opening each month and we need additional experienced processors immediately. If you do not have experience processing files, you probably won't want to, so please do not inquire! 


  • Organize a totally chaotic pile of paperwork, that the borrower spilled coffee on, into a submission file that a highly paid, OCD underwriter can pick through with a spy-glass. 
  • Once the underwriter reviews the files, collect an ungodly amount of paperwork from places like Title, Escrow, and 10 past employers to fulfill the list of things the underwriter has given you. 
  • Review financial documents, such as tax returns, pay-stubs, bank statements to verify that the borrowers are doing illegal things, like drug dealing, etc. Verify that the down-payment isn't isn't coming from illegal activities such as laundering money, off shore accounts, etc. 
  • In the event the file is cleared to close, organize a closing with Title, The Borrowers and Real Estate agents, hoping they can all make it on time. Then make sure the lender has released the wire to title and most important that the borrowers are HAPPY! 
  • Post Close, review all of the documentation for compliance and ensure all items are ready - so when the Government comes in and audits the files we don't have to update our resumes and have to remember to say "do you want fries with that?"


  • You need patience, lots and lots of Patience. 
  • You better be organized, because the moment you lose or misplace a document somebodies going to come looking for you. 
  • Meeting Deadlines: Because if you don't the borrowers won't get their home and will have to stay in the office until the loan funds.
  • Be able to extinguish peoples who's hair is on fire, and solve their problems. 
  • Ability to read garbage regulations that the government releases every week in a monotone language. 


  • Well, you better know how to read, write and use a computer, and suffer through many, many bad Microsoft programs we must use. 
  • Mortgage Loan Processing experience is a MUST - 
  • Patience, did I mention that already? 
  • Organized look in your spice cabinet, if you can see all the labels and the bottles are organized shortest to tallest, you are game. 
  • Have a good sense of humor, because sometimes we have to laugh at files, because crying doesn't help. 
  • Morals and Ethics - We are dealing with the biggest purchase of people's lives. 


  • Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses! Bonuses are based on a per file basis and on efficiency and speed, up to $100.00 PER FILE. Remember, we are closing around 30 files a month currently, and more are coming. 

CMG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.