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Executive Director

Administration | Concord, CA | Full Time

Job Description


While the CVCHS Board governs according to mandates of its charter petition, other applicable legal requirements, board by-laws and policies, the Executive Director manages the day to day operations of CVCHS within such parameters.  As such, the Executive Director is responsible (with the assistance of the leadership team and the support of third-party consultants and vendors as needed) for those duties as specified in the charter petition, as well as those duties as directed by the Board of Directors or in Board policy or in the employment contract, including but not limited to the following:



  • Advising and making written recommendations to the Board on programs, policies, budget, and other school matters.

  • Attending Board meetings, committee, and any other meetings relevant to directing the School’s operations and programs. 

  • Preparing (after consultation with the Board’s chairperson) agendas for all Board meetings.

  • Providing reports to the Board on progress, programs, and problems of school operations.

  • Assessing and communicating needs of the School to the Board consistent with Board policies. 

  • Implementing Board policy and philosophical direction established by the Board.

  • Developing and implementing short and long-range planning.

  • Communicating information regarding all potential litigation and political or operational challenges facing the School to the Board. 

  • Assisting the Board with maintaining non-profit corporation paperwork and responsibilities. 

  • Working with legal counsel to effectuate the above and other relevant responsibilities.


  • Serving as a liaison between the School and granting agency and developing strong positive relationships with granting agency staff which includes timely communication. 

  • Ensuring timely submission of reports to the granting agency and state officials.

  • Developing and implementing a successful recruitment and enrollment plan. 

  • Informing and enlisting the support and understanding of the public.

  • Marketing of school programs. 

  • Responding to complaints and concerns of students, parents and other community members in a timely and effective manner and in accordance with Board policy. 

  • Responding to media requests for information, consistent with Board policy or direction, as appropriate. 

  • Interpreting educational programs and their results to the community.

  • Overseeing all aspects of admissions inquiries and ensuring timely assignment of new teachers to students. 

  • Creating periodic community newsletters, as appropriate. 

  • Maintaining relationships beneficial to the School with local and state public leaders, including those at the forefront of the charter school movement. 


  • Overseeing acquisition, safety and use of the school site and related facilities. 

  • Acquiring renewal of the charter petition in a timely manner, along with any other required documents necessary for the operation of the School, including WASC re-accreditation. 

  • Developing and implementing of school procedures.

  • Ensuring student discipline and parent/student conferences are conducted in alignment with best practices and CVCHS policy. 

  • Overseeing all legal issues related to the operation of the School with the Board.

  • Developing and monitoring the School budget. 

  • Entering into and terminating contracts on behalf of the School per Board policy. 

  • Creating a school calendar consistent with any negotiable obligations for Board approval.

  • Conferring with pupils, parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, and representatives of social welfare agencies to resolve serious pupil academic, attendance, and behavior problems.

  • Planning, organizing, and implementing a school-wide program for the supervision and control of pupils.


  • Determining instructional staffing needs and appointment of instructional staff as necessary with Board approval and in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team. 

  • Assigning, transferring, promoting and disciplining of certificated and classified staff; delegating and defining duties of certificated and classified staff with Board approval and in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team. 

  • Identifying, providing, assigning, and coordinating in-service professional growth opportunities for certificated school personnel in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team.

  • Responding to complaints and concerns of staff in a timely and effective manner and in accordance with Board policy. 

  • Negotiating with the applicable certificated and/or classified employee exclusive representative on behalf of the Board with the assistance of legal counsel as needed and in accordance with Board directives.

Educational Program and Students:

  • Ensuring all documents, student files, policies, and procedures are in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

  • Implementing all Board policies regarding the educational program. 

  • Ensuring proper implementation of school policies on suspension and expulsion. 

  • Providing leadership to the instructional program, including the development of curricular experiments, pilot programs, and innovative instruction in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team.

  • Overseeing the development of student interventions and a school improvement plan.

  • Visiting classrooms, conferring with teachers, providing leadership in curriculum improvement, and assisting in the selection and use of instructional materials.

  • Identifying, monitoring and ensuring support is provided for applicable student groups, including special education and low performing students. 

  • Interpreting student assessment data to develop specific intervention and support mechanisms for low performing students throughout the year in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team. 

  • Developing instructional and curricular strategies to support students’ needs in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team. 

  • Planning for the most effective use of materials, supplies, equipment, facilities, and grounds.

  • Directing the implementation of the school curriculum.

  • Evaluating instructional techniques in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team.

  • Supervising the implementation of the school’s special services program(s) including special education.

  • Remaining knowledgeable about current educational trends as well as charter specific laws and regulations and changes to legislation. 

  • Developing of master schedule planning with teachers and in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team.

  • Developing and implementing Charter School Day Classes and all other on-site programs in consultation with the CVCHS leadership team.

  • Providing instructional resources and curricular assistance for classroom instruction.

  • Researching, identifying, and modeling the best educational practices in the classroom.

  • Encouraging the integration of technology in daily instruction. 

  • Monitoring effectiveness of classroom and independent instruction, curriculum, management, environment, and interventions.

  • Ensuring objective daily observation of instructional practices and student learning in classrooms takes place and all teachers are provided feedback following observations by their manager and/or coach.


The Executive Director shall possess those job qualifications as enumerated in the charter petition and in the Clayton Valley Charter High School (CVCHS or School) application for the position.  Key abilities include but are not limited to the ability to do the following:

  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

  • Lead the implementation of research-based teaching practices and coach teachers in the implementation of strategies which lead to the improvement of instruction.

  • Possess the skill and insight to analyze school achievement data and lead the staff in constantly studying, evaluating, and modifying current instructional practice to accelerate students’ academic achievement.

  • Build capacity by formulating, leading, and evaluating the effectiveness of professional development based upon classroom observations.

  • Manage site budgets and other resources in support of the instructional goals of the site. 

  • Plan and organize work; meet schedules and timelines; maintain records.

  • Read, interpret, apply, and explain rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

  • Operate standard office equipment including computers, and all related software applications including excel, word, outlook calendar, and all e-mail functions.


Work Position (Percentage of Time):

Standing: 15 Walking: 15 Sitting: 70

Body Movement (Frequency):

None (0) Limited (1) Occasional (2) Frequent (3) Very Frequent (4)

Lifting (lbs.): 25 Lifting: 2 Bending: 2

Pushing and/or Pulling Loads (lbs.): 2 Reaching Overhead: 2 Kneeling or Squatting: 2

Climbing Ladders: 0 Climbing Stairs: 1

NON-DISCRIMINATION: Clayton Valley Charter High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, marital status, ancestry, political affiliation, age, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, national origin, or mental or physical handicap in any of its policies or procedures related to admissions, employment, educational services, programs or activities.

Approved: 3/7/2019


Effective: 7/1/2018