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Research Scientist

Engineering | Houston, TX | Full Time

Job Description

About Us:

At CANVUS we’re building the 'Twitter for T-Shirts' to de-carbonize apparel + enable expression. The CANVUS T is the world’s first erasable T-Shirt. Every time you download a new design for your CANVUS T you save 12,000 L of water + 2.6 kg of CO2. It's 300x more convenient + 16x more climate friendly than anything on the market. 

CANVUS (formerly known as ‘Funxion’) is a part of the prestigious Cyclotron Road deep-tech incubator out of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and is thus looking for talented researchers and builders who would like to apply their scientific and engineering backgrounds to real-world problems at the intersection of fashion + apparel + sustainability. It has also successfully gone through the Plug and Play Materials Accelerator (Batch 9) in Sunnyvale, CA.

Problem we are solving:

Humans have an inherent need to express themselves - whether it’s for a cause you believe - your favorite sports team - your favorite artist - we all want to express our identities + be heard. One of the best ways we do that is through our Fashion + Apparel. 

So how do we keep enjoying fashion + apparel without continuing to harm our planet? The $2 Trillion Fashion + Apparel industry contributes around 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions (1) + 20% of total industrial wastewater (dyeing + finishing) + contributes greatly to the growing micro-plastics problem, among other problems. If we don’t change the way we produce + consume Fashion + Apparel the total contribution of greenhouse gases will increase from 5% to more than 10% by 2030 which is more than airline flying + maritime shipping combined (2, 3). Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humanity faces + one of the greatest economic opportunities in our generation.




Solution we are pursuing:

Re-imagining the entire business model + technology of producing + consuming apparel. We need the most talented + ambitious scientists + designers + community builders to help solve this problem in a way that delivers novel user experiences in a climate friendly way. Our first product is the ‘Twitter for T-Shirts’ - the world’s first erasable T-Shirt that’s 300x more convenient to customize + 16x more sustainable than anything on the market today. Every time you download a new design you save 12,000 L of water + 2.6 kg of CO2. Welcome to the Future of Apparel. 

When we are successful:

  1. We will have decreased Fashion + Apparel emissions by 50%

  2. We will have created the largest virtual clothing store in the world

  3. We will have enabled infinite expression

This opportunity is for people who:

  • Have a HIGH RISK TOLERANCE - they can see a better future + want to help build it + can tolerate the ups and downs of life + grow exponentially into world-class innovators

  • Looking to be a part of a talented + innovative + creative team that moves fast + finds meaning from solving big problems the world is facing + producing products that people will love and tell their friends + families about 

  • Want to pursue GREATNESS. Full-stop. 

  • Want to ‘change-the-world’ and will work-hard to make it happen but are flexible to adapting to wearing many ‘hats’ 

This opportunity is NOT for people who:

  • Who need a stable + well-paying job (we have deep compassion for those in need of financial stability as we are in the same situation but $ is not at all our motivator for this company - when we are successful $ will be a successful byproduct). Our goal is to fundraise soon but in the beginning the salaries will be slightly below market rates.

  • Who need consistent direction + mentorship + need to be told what to do + how to do it

  • Want stability in their job (early-stage start-ups have shifting priorities which is great for velocity but not so great if you’re someone who likes certainty - our experience tells us that uncertainty breeds innovation :D )

Who we are looking for:

  • Someone with a fire in their eyes who wants to pursue massive impact + help build a legendary company 

  • Someone who is willing to live the ‘ramen + instant coffee’ lifestyle for a bit before we raise venture capital (we promise we will have an amazing dinner after we raise our first round :D) 

  • Someone who is deeply passionate about the intersection of climate change + fashion + apparel 

Job Description:

CANVUS is seeking ambitious, hard-working, and talented graduating PhD students or current Post-Docs looking for paid research opportunities which will be converted into a full-time paid opportunity at an early-stage start-up. Ideal backgrounds include: chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science & engineering, electrical engineering, and the like. Our work crosses chemistry, materials science, opto-electronics, and wearable technology. Our company operates like a Silicon Valley tech start-up and is fast-paced. 

Work Expectations:

  • Familiar with materials synthesis + nanomaterial synthesis + polymer synthesis + processing + surface modification and characterization (XRD, XPS, UV-Vis, FTIR, etc) in a lab environment (ie, chemical fume hoods, etc) 

  • Familiar with developing devices (electrochemical, electromechanical, opto-electronic etc) 

  • Willing to learn how to make wearable device prototypes for characterization (electrical properties, durability according to industry standards, photonic efficiency, etc) 

  • Will require lab safety training + following lab safety procedures (COVID-19, PPE, etc) + weekly lab safety check-ups 

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced 'start-up' environment where there is an opportunity to learn how to translate fundamental science into products in a creative manner 


  • Get a paid opportunity to contribute to a real-world product + potential equity options + contribute to commercial success as part of a small but fast-paced team + and an opportunity to join full-time upon funding availability 

  • Gain leadership + project management + product development + market research skills 

  • Work on the cutting-edge technologies that will define the future of fashion + apparel + wearables 

The candidate will be expected to commute to the company’s new lab site in Houston, TX at University of Houston Tech Bridge but accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis. 

All interested candidates should submit their applications here.