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OPEN THIS if you're personable AND precise (software trainer)

Customer Support/Training | New York, NY | Full Time

Job Description

Are you smart, friendly, and ready for the next fun challenge?

In search of dynamic yet organized A-player who's comfortable in front of a crowd, thinks on their feet, knows when to ask questions, and is ready for a job that will teach them more and more with every passing week. This is a role where you'll be trusted to manage the experience of our customers on many different levels, yet always have a support system in place for you if you ever hit a road block you couldn't solve. This is also a super fun office, so don't expect to be stuck in a windowless box watching the paint dry. 


We are a web-based software company that's changing the way over 3,500 of the finest residential properties and their staff and residents interact all day, every day. And we're looking to add a few select souls to our onsite training and support team. This means part of your day will be spent teaching veteran property managers and helping them implement new procedures and systems for running their buildings. 

The software you'll be demonstrating for them is powerful and impressive, but you'll need to be able to respectfully command the room in order to get the message across. You'll be interacting with a wide array of different personalities, so you'll only thrive if you enjoy meeting new people, and they enjoy meeting you. On days that you're not teaching, you'll be fielding their calls and emails from the office and assisting them with technical issues, so you'll obviously want to be comfortable with computers.

Our standards are high, but if you think you meet those standards, please apply, because you'll love it here. You'll love the energy. You'll love the creativity. And you'll love the chance to learn new things and really grow into your role. 

The right person will have a genuine pride in the quality of work they do every day, and they'll enjoy being around others who share that quality. They'll also be self-sufficient problem-solvers with strong attention to important details. But it's not just about looking good on paper. The right person will also have common sense and be poised, articulate, perceptive, personable, and energetic. 

Is this you? Well, let's see how close I am on this. . .


  • You enjoy learning. It's genuinely fun for you to acquire a new skill or engage a new part of your brain. And it will happen. Some days, you might even go to teach a part of the site and discover that something is new or different, and you'll adjust on the fly and teach it anyway.
  • You're reliable. Nothing can keep you from being where you say, when you say you'll be there. Traffic jams, sketchy alarm clocks, and delayed cable guys are simply no match for you.
  • You notice every time a job ad confuses "You're" with "Your." Every. Time. And you laugh a little each time.
  • You've got no shame searching Google to solve that pesky excel problem. Because pulling your hair out for the next 30 minutes when you don't need to just seems silly. And really, who wants to be that silly?
  • Speaking of silly, you're totally cool with coming out to support the company volleyball team and witness them unleash pure hell onto their opponents. And if you can't make it, you're totally cool with eating the celebration donuts the next day anyway. And if donuts aren't you're thing, you're totally cool with dodging the hungry pack of wolves dressed as colleagues as they stampede into the back lounge to get some for themselves.
  • You're not a clock-watcher. Truth be told, the hours are pretty standard. When you're in the office, expect to clock out by 5:00 or 5:30. When you're out in the field, unless you know about it ahead of time, it can usually be anywhere from 4:30 to 6:00. But there will be nights here and there when some of our customers will need attention. And we'll need you to be there for them. It won't be out of the blue; you'll know ahead of time.
  • You enjoy travel. Our team members take trips to customers in San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Toronto, and even New Jersey. Once you're ready, we'll need you to go.
  • You're patient, when needed. Depending on the ebb and flow of things, you might go through numerous travel droughts, and you need to be okay with that, especially in the beginning when we're training you to be ready. MORE IMPORTANTLY, while it's usually all sunshine and rainbows in the office among your colleagues, we've set a VERY high standard for our customer support, so we need someone with thick skin who can hang in there on a call if the other guy is getting upset or can't figure out your instructions to them. We need someone who won't take it personally or lose their cool.
  • Speaking of which, you're pleasant to be around and you easily distance yourself from gossip and drama. You will be working with people all day, every day, and we expect you to be the kind of person that other people enjoy being with and working with. So possessing a warm personality, a friendly smile, and a naturally optimistic outlook is really what we're looking for here.
  • You're more than just a talker. In the "teaching" part of this role, you will be representing our company in meetings and tutorial sessions with a wide range of people, from ordinary front desk staff to busy directors of management of large portfolios of luxury residential properties. Whether they're in-person or through remote video/screen-share, you'll need the ability to speak to people at different levels, to be patient when needed, to be strong, focused, poised, polished, quick-witted and wise. But getting back to the non-teaching part, you will also be emailing a lot, on critical issues -- so a precise and fluid writing style is a MUST.
  • Finally, you're ready for a healthy working environment and the opportunity to really stretch your wings and see where this goes. And you want this through a stimulating, challenging, never-gets-old position, with the perfect combination of predictable routine tasks AND fun new twists and turns. You want a position you can grow more and more into. You want a place where the unique you I described above is genuinely welcomed.


Please send me an email with the following:
(1) Tell me why I should hire you. What makes you the right person for this position?
Remember to put "I'm the one" in the subject heading. 
(2) Include your resume or LinkedIn profile.
(3) While you're at it, give me one thing you'd do to improve or fix this job ad (read the whole ad before deciding; I want to fix as much as possible).
(4) If you can think of any, give a quick mention about hobbies or side careers that you have pursued with passion that might shed light on who you are. For example, we have a LOT of people here that have side activities in the performing arts world. That's okay. It's welcomed here.
(5) IF YOU FEEL comfortable doing it, send a photo, so that we can associate you as a real person with your story.
(6) Confirm whether commuting to Union Square in Manhattan is any sort of challenge for you.
(7) Provide salary expectations, or at least an expected range.

If you feel like a possible fit, I'm going to send an email you're way to continue the conversation and help us figure out for sure if this is right for you. And we'll take it from there.

Looking forward to chatting some more